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MDS Motor-Drive System


Potomac Electric Corp. is dedicated to innovation in electromechanical power technology to help you build better machines and control systems. Our product and services business is comprised of several groups that work closely together to provide reliable, cost-effective results for a wide range of industrial and military applications.

Mechatronics Systems

Mechatronics Systems designs, builds and markets state of the art DC and AC servomotors, spring electric brakes, drive electronics and motion controllers and systems for industrial and military applications.

Mechatronics also produces many Fit Form and Function motors, drives and complete control systems for a large variety of legacy equipment in many industries.  Mechatronics Systems works closely with Potomac Repair Services to help OEM machine builders and end users address sustaining engineering and obsolescence. Our ability to quickly build direct replacements in small quantities is second to none. OEMs and End users save large amounts of money by keeping older machines running.

Potomac Repair Services

Potomac Repair Services is a major US provider of repairs, remanufacturing and replacement products in the areas of electric motors, servo motors, drive electronics, spindles, slip rings and mechanical components. Over 20 years, Potomac has developed broad expertise in commercial and military applications, always providing our customers a solution to their problem.

Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Metrology Systems is the world leader in the manufacture of fully automated machines for metrology. VMS also provides refurbishment and upgrade/retrofit services that build on our extensive experience in the remanufacturing of semiconductor automation vacuum pumps. Our Systems Engineering Services design and build unique, cost-effective automation for today's demanding R&D and manufacturing environments.

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